Our Process


1. Initial enquiry

After making the initial enquiry you will be contacted and an appointment made for an on-site meeting generally within a week.


2. On-site meeting

We will sit down with you and discuss your objectives for your extension. We can explain what can and can’t be done according to building regulations and site conditions. Normally we will suggest some possible solutions and ballpark costs.


3. Design Process (approx. 2-3 weeks)

We will prepare a design based on our initial on-site meeting discussion. Sometimes we will return to you with this initial design to get your feedback and perhaps alter the design.

The design will then be costed and presented to you with a costing and detailed specification of works.


4. Design Revision

If necessary we will revise the design and costing. Our objective is to provide you with a well designed extension that will enhance your lifestyle and fit within your budget.


5. Preliminary Agreement

You will sign a preliminary agreement to carry out the following works:

  • Plans drafted
  • Soil tests and engineering computations
  • 6 star energy rating
  • Building permit submission to building surveyor
  • Liaison with authorities as necessary


6. Contract Signing

When all of the above items are finalised, we then sign a building contract. This contract is a standard HIA contract. After this warranty insurance can be obtained and a building permit issued.


7. Construction

Generally construction will commence within 3 weeks of a building permit issued.


8. Progress Payments

Payments are made at stages set out in the Building Act and covered in the building contract.


These stages generally are:

  • Deposit:- Payment on signing contract
  • Base Stage: When the slab or stumps are completed
  • Frame Stage: When the frame is completed and passed by the Building Surveyor
  • Lock-up Stage: When roof, windows and external walls are installed
  • Fixing Stage: When plaster, skirtings, architraves and doors are fitted
  • Completion: When the works are complete and the Building Surveyor issues a certificate of completion.