Cost Information

Finance is key to any project and we take pride in supplying our clients with detailed and transparent costings.


We will supply you with a price that allows you the client, to see and monitor exactly where your dollars are being spent, after all this is your property and your budget.


So, while no two projects are the same, the fact that we do so many House Extensions and Renovations means we have a clear understanding of what is involved and as such can offer our clients a fixed price which is paid in project stage instalments.


Price of an Extension/Renovation

Here are some of the areas that will be inspected upon your site survey and will influence the level of your investment

  • Size of your extension, roof-style and overall appearance and surface materials.
  • Level of complexity in linking to your home; floor levels, openings, existing pipes and drains (above and below ground), etc.
  • Style and extent of doors and windows.
  • Available services from your present home; electricity, heating, water, etc.
  • Ground conditions and access to your site.
  • Is planning permission required?
  • What features are you looking to enjoy in your new space?


Building materials

Our business has supply partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the building industry. They have the best range of products, services and prices and we can pass the savings on to you.



We have long term relationships with a wide team of trade contractors. Because Betta Extensions is a fundamental part of their business, we secure far better rates than a home owner would get for a one-off project. On top of that, because of the relationship, we have far more influence in ensuring quality workmanship.


Project Management:

Although we can access the best material and labour rates, by far the most important aspect of cost control is the overall project management process. Material and labour costs are small compared to the cost of poor project management.


Process efficiency is what really sets Betta Extensions apart and ensures we have the most competitive offer in the market